Book : Asthme, recherche fondamentale et nouvelle approche thérapeutique

[livre] Jacques Gesret


Fundamental search and New therapeutic
of pathologies of the immune system

(256 pages - format 185x255)

Extraits of forewords :

... Ainsi. noting the unbalanced points of the patient (thus badly functional) Mr Gesret understood perfectly that the cause of asthma is the loss of the body balance of the asthmatic one. By simple mechanical interventions, perfectly illustrated in its book. it releases the articular limitations thus returning " the function " with " the structure ".

But the point most interesting is that it will allow, those which will read it, to include/understand the importance of the balance of the basin. Without this maintained balance, not of hello. The " short leg " so often quoted is too often neglected. Its balancing, with the millimetre close is capital and it is perhaps there that resides the greatest merit of Mr Gesret. That having seen disappearing its pathology, asthmatic I' cured gives up its sole or its heel-piece (with the millimetre near), quickly it will see returning the symptoms, with the sometimes dramatic consequences, from which it suffered. The proof is irrefutable

Robert Perronneaud-Ferré D.o., M.r.o.(F). Founder of the Register of the Osteopaths of France

... It is as a President of the GRETAC (Group of Search and Studies of the Therapeutic Alternatives and Complementary) that Mr Jacques Gesret asked me to write a foreword to him and it is with pleasure that I be carried out...

... the reading of work of Mr Gesret interested me much, and when I made his knowledge during a demonstration to my cabinet I was convinced that it brought the missing link to us.

Its method based on a good knowledge of physiology and osteopathy is with the range of very good osteopath. there I says it still with much humility bus if I learned manual medicine I do not practise it: to be well made it requires a daily practice, I thus prefer to entrust my patients to a qualified osteopath and to the current of the method!...

For more than six months now I have been able to say that the results are excellent not to say extraordinary in the children, a little less brilliant in the adults but very positive if one considers their former state.....

Doctor Jean-Rémy Lepan

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