Book : Acupuncture & Ostéopathie vérité neurophysiologique



Jacques R. Gesret

Acupuncture & Osteopathy

neurophysiological truth

(262 pages-16 boards color - format 185x255 )




Extracts of forewords -

By this second book, quite as interesting and enriching, it raises the veil, sometimes awkward for the Westerners, which too often wraps acupuncture. By doing this, it allows that attracted by this technique to approach it easily and to demystify it according to the potential patient.

Most significant, seems to me it, is that the author once again insists and shows the importance of " the BALANCE " without which there cannot be Health, because structural imbalance leads ineluctably to the disease... I wish that " Acupuncture and Osteopathy - neurophysiological Truth " is a great success for the greatest profit of the patients and the great satisfaction of the therapeutists.

Robert Perronneaud-Ferré, C. M.R.O.F. Founder of the Register of the Osteopaths of France

Osteopathy is a Science, though some want to say some, which want to be with the service of the man and you show this assertion perfectly.

Thank you Jacques for your courage, it is necessary some to question so many certainty because I always thought that the difficulty of the osteopathic practice was to exert it in a vertical way. Having had the chance to be the pupil of acupunctors of reputation like Lavier, Laville-Mery, I could put my knowledge of osteopathy in harmony with that of Chinese energy medicine, it is to say the importance which takes this form of analysis..... Jacques you are a precursor and I wish that many be my fellow-members who recognize themselves through you.

J.P. Amigues C M.R.O.F Part-time lecturer to the International College of Osteopathy in Saint-Etienne. Part-time lecturer to the Faculty of Medicine of Paris Northern

It is to say, le respect which I carry to this considerable amount of work, prolonged here within the framework of fundamental search in acupuncture and osteopathy, bus to preface a book of Gesret, it is to preface a space where passion and enthusiasm - doubtless with the major etymological direction of the word - know coxister with the methodological rigour of the scientist. But especially, it is to guarantee the importance never protested enough private clinic with respect to analytical search increasingly more sophisticated where too often merges contemporary medicine... Jacques R. Gesret is thus among those which - the such formula of Aristote - learn how to teach and teach to learn. The autenticity of the researcher makes of this book a true thesis of osteopathy and acupuncture at the same time. With required honesty, any assumption posed there is shown until its experimental limits... Many elements belonging to the great tradition of Eastern medicine are thus lit and confirmed, beyond the esoteric fume which well too often marginalisent them...
This book will have undoubtedly to open many gates with its author.

Daniel Kieffer President of the FENAHMAN. Director of the CENATHO. Member of the Register of the Experts of Health Naturopathes de France.

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