Report about the formation in Ukraine


As I already did in Mexico, Claude went on an adventure trip to Ukraine to teach some therapists my method and techniques. I am twice happy: because this was realised despite their financial problems and because Claude had an enriched experience to meet people with a different culture and who wanted to learn the system so that they were able to help suffering people. You don't remain untouched when you put your finger on the reality and when you are concious about that, even more, you will become addicted.

What do we have an easy life, compared with that from others......

 [ My own commentary ]

Report about the formation,  by Claude

Our adventure starts because an Ukranian women who lives in France and who was treated by a colleague in Grenoble before, contacted the former of the system - Jacques GESRET - in order to find a possibility to launch the system in her country.
After numerous telephones it seemed that the average Ukranian monthly income hardly amount to 400 FF (US $60) and so that they didn't have the possibility to pay for the formation. But anyhow, we made some local contacts, forfilled some administrative tasks, ....and waited...and got my visa 5 days before the day of departure.... I hardly believed in it. 
Thanks to the generous gifts of 3 people from ASMA France, we were able to pay the money for this first trip [the rest of the money was paid by some practicians who joined the formation]
Departure to Kiev with 3/4 hour delay but with an arrival on time after 2h30 flight, we left in a misty temperature of 16°C and landed at the airport with a temperature of 27°C, somewhere in the middle of the fields. In opposition of the airport of Charles de Gaulle Paris, here we wouldn't have to be afraid of getting lost.
I was attended by a plate with my name written on, and for the first time I saw Galina (my interpreter and the one who started everything), Olexandr, and Vassily (organisors).
We left through the centre of Kiev (sorry Kyïv !) via the Moskou lanes who were big enough to fit a double Champs Elysées. 
After some chaos, there is a lack of decent motorways and some shockking movements (lots of water is mixed with petrol) we arrived at our guests, the sister in law of Galina.
I got a firm welcome and did some professional discussions about the set up of the programme of the formation: 9 practicians, all professionals; fysiotherapists, phytotherapists, medicins (of whom one was asthmatic), all coming from the eastern border of Ukraine: Kharkiv.

It's a small world: during discussions I heard that Jacques once cured an Ukranian girl who was in Spain thanks to a Spanish-Ukranian exchange system. At that moment Jacques was forming some colleagues there. Months ago.

This was a very nice example for whatever it would be, good or bad, for each therapist who wanted to follow the course....!

A mass of questions came over me and took us to a discussion of three hours..."without being attacked", so that the actual formation would be foreseen for the next day.
Together we consumed "Borscht"  and visited the subway (!) and 2 renovated orthodox churches, who enlighted their gold-framed bells since the concurrence with five other orthodox systems.

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We went back by subway around 10 o'clock, first.
Arriving at our guests, we had to wear other shoes because it is unusual to take the dirt from the street inside. For drinks, we were offered some mineral water or water from the community, which had to be decanted in a bottle (Tchernobyl is only 30 km further). 
The next day, we arrived at the polyclinic where the place to work seemed to be too small. One hour later (which is fast) we moved to a large place with a desk and two little benches reaching till 8 cm under the knees. This had to be the working tables (very bad for the back !!!) 
After a long theoretical explanation, we came to the practical thing: 2 twin children, 9 years old (with respiration problems), one 13 years old child and a baby (strong emotional problems and asthmatic), one 8 years old child (dyspné) one from 12 years and a baby (two asthmatics). The last case gave me a good opportunity to teach the techniques for babies.
All this was preceded by the treatment of two therapists who were very surprised and felt the new body balance after the corrections.
It was 15h30, the morning session was finished and I was very hungry !
"The afternoon" we passed by treating other cases (adults and practicians) and finally we stopped at 21h00 !
The next day we had the opportunity to see other asthmatic cases, and skin deseases, eczema, psoriasis, allergies: lots of these diseases where underlying of an immune deficiency, caused by the catastrophy of 1986.
In this complete company where everybody was been contacted by Galina, nobody knew each other, but together with the teaching of the system, we felt a very big group loyality which led to the formation of the group "ASMA Ukraine", which, despite its small occupation, was able to work with a profesional structure.

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Sambir Volodymyr
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Vassyl Martynenko
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Oleksandr Koshman
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Cheremsky Andryï
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Dovbah Volodymyr

5   first
"sawed grains"
in Ukraine..


All of these practicians (Sambir Volodymir, is a medical assitant at the chair for Manual Therapy at the medical Institute in Kyïv, Cheremsky Andryï is urgency medicin at a hospital in Kharkiv ; Vassyl MartynenkoOleksandr Koshman and Dovbah Volodymyr are manual therapists and physiotherapists) asked lots of questions about the techniques so that I had the impression they were very interested, enthousiast and happy they could learn the techniques (remarking that Jacques had done an enormous job) sometimes worried at the start, beginning to practise and then understanding the ease and the many-sided of the different techniques, a desire to perfect, and the consciousness that these techniques have lots of other possibilities.